Requirements Check
Database Restoration

Requirements Check

Required Settings Check

If any of these items are highlighted in red then please take actions to correct them. These are required for the installer to proceed to the next step.
PHP version >= 4.1.0 Yes
  - zlib compression support Available
  - XML support Available
  - MySQL support Available
configuration.php Writable
Session save path
Default configuration source Original configuration.php

Recommended Settings Check

These settings are recommended for PHP in order to ensure full compatibility with Joomla!. However, Joomla! will still operate if your settings do not quite match the recommended
Directive Recommended Actual
Safe Mode OFF OFF
Display Errors ON ON
File Uploads ON ON
Magic Quotes GPC ON OFF
Magic Quotes Runtime OFF OFF
Register Globals OFF OFF
Output Buffering OFF OFF
Session auto start OFF OFF
Register Globals Emulation OFF ON

Directory and File Permissions Check

In order for Joomla! to function correctly it needs to be able to access or write to certain files or directories. If you see 'Unwriteable' you need to change the permissions on the file or directory to allow Joomla! to write to it and the installation to be able to continue.
installation Writable
administrator/backups Writable
administrator/components Writable
administrator/modules Writable
administrator/templates Writable
cache Writable
components Writable
images Writable
images/banners Writable
images/stories Writable
language Writable
logs Writable
plugins Writable
plugins/authentication Writable
plugins/content Writable
plugins/editors Writable
plugins/editors-xtd Writable
plugins/search Writable
plugins/system Writable
plugins/user Writable
plugins/tmp Writable
plugins/xmlrpc Writable
media Writable
modules Writable
templates Writable